Dunn, Marietta Martha

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DOB: 14 February, 1923
POB: Center Point, Faulkner Co., AR
DOD: 22 April, 1987
POD: White Co. Mem. Hosp., Searcy, White Co., AR
Bur: Apple Hill Cemetery, Ward, Lonoke Co., AR

Father: Dunn, William Wylie
Mother: Wilson, Ida Francis

Spouse and Children

  1. Goodwin, George Fredrick
    1. Goodwin, Marietta Jo
    2. Goodwin, Skip


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[Jo Goodwin Note 1: There were two birth certificates for mom, as no one really knew exactly when she was born, because there was a fire in the orphanage, so they "guessed" at her birthday. Her father told the story that she was born the same night as twin bull calves were born, in the cold but couldn't remember exactly when that was. Mom remembered being taken from her mother when the county/state social worker came and took her and Lola to the orphanages, one to Little Rock and one to Hot Springs orphanages. The boys ran and were successful in evading the social workers. When Lola got old enough and was out of the orphanage, she was successful in getting Mom moved to Little Rock orphanage so the family members could see her. She eventually saw Bill and Lois (Bud) and even her parents before they died. Mom worked in various jobs--laundry, bread factory, etc., and by the grace of God was finally taken in by Mr. and Mrs. Bradshaw in North Little Rock. I believe this extremely hard work when she was so young (13 when she ran away from the orphanage, lied about her age and worked until they figured out she wasn't of age) and lack of adequate food contributed to her early death. Family was very important to her, and we tried to find her aunts/uncles/cousins before her death and did find a few. Now, with the discoveries facilitated by Patty Taylor and John Gwin, we have her family.]

from http://www.zianet.com/jmcdgwin/GENEALOGY/SURNAMES/Wilson/WilsonJosJonesAbernathy.htm

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