Wilson, Ida Francis

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DOB: October, 1890
POB: Cypress Valley, Faulkner Co., AR
DOD: 15 August, 1940
POD: Benton Hospital, Benton Co, AR
Bur: Buyou Meta, Bethel Cemetery, Pulaski Co., AR

Father: Wilson, William Henry
Mother: Penn, Sarah Frances

Spouse and Children

  1. Dunn, William Wylie 3 March, 1912, White Co., AR, by Rev. B. C. Adams
    1. Dunn, Owen Lois
    2. Dunn, Lola Frances
    3. Dunn, Mattie Etta
    4. Dunn, William Ocie
    5. Dunn, George Solomon
    6. Dunn, Marietta Martha


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Jo Goodwin Notes: This is my transcription of hospital records for Ida F. Dunn, Case No. 28659 year 1932 State Hospital for Nervous Diseases; admitted May 12, 1932 by Dr. Davis: Father, William Wilson, born in Arkansas, living at 80. Mother, Sallie Penn, born in Arkansas, died of chronic nephritis and an abscess of the liver at age of 59. One sister, Nettie Tanner, is a patient in this institution, diagnosis being that of Dementia Praecox, paranoid type. Another sister, Enola Vann, was a patient here eighteen years ago, no diagnosis being made at that time. She has one other sister but does not know of her whereabouts. No brothers. No history of alcoholism, morph [unclear--admission record to hospital is faded out too badly] or criminality. States she was born in White Co., AR, about 42 years ago. Birth and early development were uneventful. Has had sinus trouble and two operations, an appendectomy and some kind of uterine fixation. Menstruation has always been [unclear] and painful and menopause occurred two years ago. Attended school [unclear] completed the grammar grades; although retention of school [unclear] at this time. Married at the age of 20 to William Dunn [unclear] three years ago. Eight children were born to this union, ages range from 9 to 19 years. Prior to their separation, they lived [unclear] Little Rock where he was employed by a rock crusher company and she worked at [unclear]. However, they formerly lived at Austin where she was engaged in all [unclear] work. While living in that neighborhood, one of her children [unclear--suicide?] and another had a very severe attack of influenza, also two girls gave patient a severe beating after she had accused their brother of attacking her daughter. She also had some trouble with this boy who spoke very unkindly to her. Many years ago, she was in a run-away, jumped from a buggy and sprained her ankle. She also fractured her left leg in an attempt to keep her cow from being struck by a train. Upon one occasion, she jumped from an automobile when a man attacked her while taking her to nurse his wife who was ill. Clyde Spann gave her some medicine [unclear] in whisky which came near killing her and she thinks it contained poison, the supposed cause of present condition. Physical factors, emotional strain, and financial stress. GENERAL APPEARANCE: Only fairly well nourished white woman about 49 years of age. Height is 5 feet 3 inches, wt 109 pounds, hair dark and eyes brown, complexion very sallow. RESPIRATION AND CIRCULATORY ORGANS: chest is well formed, expansion rate is good. Radial pulse is 80, medium volume and tension. BP is 110/70. Another paper: with her file number and name and Correspondent: Mrs. J. E. Mason, Searcy, AR Residence Searcy, Co. White; Color: White Civil condition: Widowed; Birthplace: Arkansas; name and bpl of father: William Wilson, AR; Husband: William Dunn, Separated; No of Children 8; Education: ordinary; Years in AR 42; Race: Caucasion Sex: Female; Date of Birth 1890; Mother: Sallie Penn, born in AR; age of youngest child is 10 years; Diagnosis: Provisional: Paranoid condition with psychosis with cerebral syphilis. Admitted May 3, 1932; died 8-15-1940 at 6:45 AM; cause of death: Psychosis with cerebral syphilis; disposition of remains: Griffin Leggett, City.

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